Thunder Original 37g

Thunder Original 37g

Thunder Original 37g
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Thunder V2 Chew is made after the original Swedish recipe for  and has a traditional snus aroma and hints of bergamot. An extra strong snus that comes on smooth and stays that way.


Well stone me, this is "chew" of sorts, it says its chewing tobacco in the can, the grind is slightly finer than Thunder loose and the nicotine kicks harder, but this V2 makla, or snuskla as I like to call it. Bottom line, it looks, smells and tastes like Thunder loose snus, but it is meant to be "chewed" so it isn't snus  I loaded up my icetool and threw a pris in the upper lip just like snus.

On using it all week it stays packed well like the snus does but the drip, just like the snus, can be very harsh if you aren't used to extra stark snus, but you get used to it. Lovely lemony taste to it and the vitamin N kicks like a mule. Recommended you start off with small prillas, 1 click on an icetool is perfect. Also if you are coming off cigarettes and don't have snus and snuffing isn't convenient, this is perfect!

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