Sternecker Echt Fresco Ungefettet 100g

Sternecker Echt Fresco Ungefettet 100g

Sternecker Echt Fresco Ungefettet 100g
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"Ungefettet means "ungreased". What this is, really, is a do-it-yourself schmalzler. Its sold completly dry, you must add your own grease. Since German law forbids the use of perishable oils in snuff, all modern schmalzlers use a mineral oil or paraffin in lieu of an animal oil. However, there are purists and traditionalists who no doubt will atest to the difference in flavor between the old way and the modern way. What to do to both satisfy the law and the needs of the traditionalist? Herr Sternecker has the answer! The same tobacco of the Echt Fresco is sold with the instructions to add your own schmaltz! Brilliant! Also you can make it as dry or moist as you like in this fashion. The rule of thumb is 15-20% grease to tobacco ratio. I make it dry first in case I add too much. It takes a substantial amount of mixing to really work it together, but the effort is well worth it. The grease to use, of course is schmalz or schmaltz. Schmaltz is basically rendered fat or lard. Butterschmalz is also acceptable; that is basically clarified butter. Either of which can be found in most supermarkets. If you want to get really traditional, German or Bavarian, or even Jewish types would be perfect. Here in the USA, there are ethnic or import shops where such things can be obtained. Be sure to use it fresh though! It will begin to get stale after a few months, even still that is a good shelf life. The tobacco, tried dry is even pretty good. It doesn't seem as robust as the normal Echt Fresko; it has a slightly raw-green taste. The flavor of adding the lard really brings out the richness of the tobacco. Its quite a good combination."
Courtesy of Snuff Reviews: Xander
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