Blast Strong Menthol 10g

Blast Strong Menthol 10g

Blast Strong Menthol 10g
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When I first saw the words "Strong Menthol", I was thinking a huge menthol blast, like many UK menthol snuffs. When I first tried it, I was let down, because at the time, that's what I was looking for. But I have since revisited this, and been on it exclusively for a few days, and now I must say, this is rather very good. This snuff should be renamed "Grunt Cool", because the tobacco taste really reminds me of Grunt, it's very nice, and the Cool is a more mellow highlighting cool like Sparrow Cool. I am glad now it's not a "Strong Menthol", because the tobacco scent, and the highlighting menthol effect, is really balanced just right. The grind is finer that Dholakia Medicated, and the tobacco scent is different, and better to me. I find this very pleasing, and one I am glad I bought, and glad it wasn't what I thought it was going to be.
Courtesy of Snuff Reviews: tom502
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